"Lead me, Jesus
lead me, Jesus,
Lead me, Jesus,
lead me now."
-South African traditional song   


Youth ProgramsThe Journey to Adulthood (J2A) includes grades 6 and up. The J2A groups meet Sunday mornings following the children's message. J2A are asked to actively participate in our intergenerational worship services (about every 5 weeks). J2A is based on two key concepts that manhood and womanhood are gifts from God, and that moving into adulthood should be intentional. The curriculum celebrates the gift of adulthood, and the creative power and potential of these young people. It creates a safe haven to explore new ideas, new interests and new abilities. It blends action and contemplation in teaching young people faithful living. We also provide several mission opportunities and faith-based field trips for our J2A participants.

In our tradition, confirmation is the process through which a young person affirms the promises made on his/her behalf at baptism.  Preparation for confirmation is three-part and includes active involvement in our J2A program and worship.  A rich and meaningful part of the confirmation process is our mentorship program, in which confirmands are paired with an adult member of our congregation.  Together, they explore and expand on their friendship and faith journey through meetings, fellowship, worship and Bible study.  The third component to confirmation is a field trip.  This could take form in a mission trip or retreat.  This year's confirmation class experienced an overnight trip to St. John the Divine in New York City.  Although we honor our confirmands in a special worship service, we do not see this as a "graduation", but rather a celebration of a milestone on their spiritual journey.