The worship services of our church provide both members and newcombers a powerful experience of the transforming power that comes through an encounter with the holy.  We create with intention worship opportunities for praise, prayer, confession, contemplation, music, joy, healing and celebration.  

Sunday morning worship is at 10:00 a.m.
We offer several mid-day, mid-week and evening services throughout the year.  These special services are posted in our calendar of events.


We celebrate Communion the first Sunday of each month, and also at special services throughout the year.  All who seek to lead a life following the way of Christ are welcome at the Lord’s Table. You do NOT have to be a member of this church or of the UCC. Although we offer Worship Workshop in the Spring for first graders in preparation of their first communion.  We view First Communion as a rite of passage and a learning opportunity.  All children, regardless of age, are welcome at the Lord’s table.